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Stephen Baxter: Xeelee Sequence series

Stephen Baxter: Xeelee Sequence series


The Xeelee Sequence is a series of novels and short stories which span several billions of years, describing the future expansion of Mankind, its war with its arch-nemesis (an alien race called the Xeelee), and the Xeelee’s own war with dark matter entities called photino birds.

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Books list:


Raft (Xelee Sequence, #1)
Timelike Infinity (Xelee Sequence, #2)
Flux (Xeelee Sequence, #3)
Ring (Xeelee Sequence, #4)
Vacuum Diagrams (Xeelee Sequence, #5)
Making History & Reality Dust (Xelee Sequence, #6)
Riding the Rock (Xelee Sequence, #7)
Coalescent (Destiny’s Children, #1)
Exultant (Destiny’s Children, #2)
Transcendent (Destiny’s Children, #3)

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